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To contact Salouki customer services you should access the contact section of the website and follow the instructions. The email address is, or click the Whatsapp icon in the conatact page to talk dircetly with a member of our great family.




  • Salouki is specialized website of animal food and accessories product.

  • The General Conditions described below regulate the conditions of use and access to the Website by any visitor (hereafter, “Users”) and the contracting of products offered by Salouki on the Website (hereafter, “Product” or “Products”) by any User through the Website (hereafter, “Customer”).

  • In order for Users of the Website to become Customers, and therefore acquire products, they must complete an identification and registration form, accepting these General Conditions and following the instructions they will continue to receive through the Website itself.

  • Salouki operates and delivers the product in Saudi Arabia.






  • The Customer and User of Salouki agrees to use the Website in a suitable and lawful manner, in accordance with the relevant legislation and these General Conditions.

  • Salouki will not be responsible for the Website being unavailable at any time.





  • The use and access of the Website by the User constitutes acceptance of these General Conditions. In addition, to be able to purchase any of the Products offered by Salouki, it is compulsory for Users to complete a form with the identification details expressly accepting these General Conditions and the Privacy and Cookies Policy. If the User has any doubt regarding the General Conditions, they can contact the Company using the Identification details mentioned in the General Conditions.

  • Salouki reserves the right to modify the content of the General Conditions at any time, this will not affect the Customer or User who will be subject to the prevailing General Conditions of the Website at the time of contracting the products or at the time of use and access.

  • The legal relationship generated by the access and use of the Website has an indefinite duration. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any of the parties may terminate the contractual relationship when they wish. Event that Salouki modifies the General Conditions, said legal relationship will be resolved and it would mean that the Customer or User must adhere to the new general conditions, where appropriate.

  • The contract may be formalized in any of the languages in which the General Conditions of the Website are available, at the choice of the customer.








  • Salouki agrees to make available all the necessary information to the Customer and/or User regarding the Products it offers as well as the orders which have been formalized.  Salouki accepts no responsibility for the temporary non-compliance of these General Conditions in the event of force majeure and in the event of a customer fault or an unforeseen event attributable to a third party.

  • The Customer and/or User agrees to complete the order forms, and any other form, truthfully and according to the instructions provided. The Customer also agrees to pay the price of the Product with the applicable taxes and delivery costs, always in accordance with the final offer received from Salouki.

  • We recommend you save a copy of the information relating to the purchased Products.  Salouki accepts no responsibility for the consequences and damages caused by the loss of the information by the Customer.


  • Salouki accepts no responsibility for the consequences and damages that may result from the improper use of Products sold through the Website.




  • Salouki offers a detailed description of the Products included on the Website in accordance with the technical descriptions originating from distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers in general. Similarly, it includes information regarding the trade name, brand names, or distinguishing marks of the Products to supply the maximum information possible to the Customer and/or User.  Said description may include photographs, videos, or illustrations that, whilst being indicative in nature, are under no circumstances exhaustive, and therefore, Salouki accepts no responsibility for any errors that may be derived from this.

  • The offers published on the Website include a detailed description of the conditions of said offers, including the number of units available, price, and information relating to the Product offered.

  • Read the Product descriptions carefully before deciding to purchase them. If you have any doubt, contact us before carrying out the purchase.




  • The User can register themselves on the Website in the “Create Account” section.  To do this, they must enter the personal information marked as compulsory. This registration will provide the User with access to the Website and to the purchasing of products.

  • Placing an order is understood from the selection of one or more items and clicking the ‘Add to my cart button will add to ‘My cart of the online shop. Once all of the desired items have been added to the cart, you must access it and review the items and the number of units, and press ‘Process Purchase’.  Afterwards, the User will be able to choose between ‘Buy as a Guest’ (if they have not previously registered on the Website) where they must fill in their personal details, the delivery details and complete the relevant payment information, or the User can also carry out the purchase process clicking ‘Go to my account’ where they will not need to complete their personal details again. In both cases, the contracting process is formalized when the ‘Buy Now’ button is selected.

  • All orders are subject to our acceptance. Within 24 hours of placing an order, we will send an email with our confirmation that the contract has been made (hereafter, “Order Confirmation”), as long as the Customer has provided their email address on the personal details form. Salouki accepts no responsibility for errors and non-functioning of the email address provided by the Customer and/or User for the Order Confirmation to be sent to.




  • Cancelation.

Orders can be cancelled without cost if the order not yet confirmed. In which case, the refund of the money will be carried out through the same method of payment used and without additional cost.


  • Extending the order. 


Items can be added to an order provided it has not already been sent and it is logistically possible, the customer will pay the corresponding amount because of the modification.


  • Removing items. 


Items can be removed from an order provided it has not already been sent and it is logistically possible. The refund of the money will be carried out through the same method of payment used.

In the event of changes to the order, a change in the total amount may result, which is subject to an additional charge of delivery costs in the event it does not reach the minimum stipulated, as well as the removal of said costs if the total amount is the same or exceeds the minimum indicated on the website.




  • Orders are subject to availability of the Product from our suppliers. It may be the case that the Products are not in stock, have been damaged, or are not of the expected quality, amongst other things. In these cases, the customer will be informed, and alternative products will be suggested, or the order will be cancelled. The resulting amount will be refunded. The reimbursement of these amounts will be the limit of our responsibility towards the Customer if it is impossible to provide the requested Products.




  • The prices of the Products indicated on the Website include the VAT applicable in accordance with the prevailing legislation at the time of contracting.


  • The delivery costs are borne by the Customer, unless stated otherwise, and are defined during the contracting process and detailed separately to the price of the Product. Once the costs are known, the User may cancel without incurring any charge. The sum of the delivery costs and the price of the Product will be the total price to pay which will be shown to the Customer before the contract is formalized.

  • In the contracting process the Customer will accept the total price when pressing the ‘Buy Now’ button.

  • We reserve the right to send the order upon Order Confirmation.

  • Despite our best efforts to always keep our prices correct and updated, exceptionally a product in our catalogue may show the wrong price. If this happens, we will try to detect the error as quickly as possible and we will contact you to report the issue. If the correct price is lower than the one shown on the site, we will reimburse the price difference. If the correct price is higher than the one paid, we will cancel the order and refund the amount you paid for it.



  •  Salouki offers payment methods to Customers:

  • Credit/debit card payments:


If choosing to pay by card, the Customer’s order will not be processed until the payment has been authorized by their bank. Online payment using a credit card is carried out using the "Secure Socket Layer" security system, which encodes the bank details when they are sent via the internet. For security reasons, Salouki checks all orders paid by bank card. We accept American Express, and any Visa and Mastercard registered on the Verified by Visa secure payment system.

  • Payment by cash on deliver (COD):


In the event that the purchase has been made by a final consumer or a business, the corresponding invoice may be requested, and must be requested through the contact section of the website, once the order has been received, indicating the billing details. The customer authorizes us to issue the invoice in electronic format and may request that we send a paper invoice if desired at no additional cost.




  • Salouki will deliver the Products to the Customer at the delivery address which appears on the personal details form provided by the Customer themselves, which must be within the limits of the Territory.

  • We understand days as working days, therefore excluding Friday and Saturday and bank holidays. If this deadline is exceeded for a cause attributable to Salouki, we will inform the Customer of this and we will propose alternative solutions.

  • The estimated date of delivery will be indicated on the website, this is a provisional date since it may vary depending on the availability of the Product as well as the transport service chosen. This date may also be altered in the event of there being an issue with the stock of the products or with the transport service. In any of these cases, a solution will be sought for the Customer.

  • The delivery costs are free, provided this is informed at the time of placing the order, or once the discounts have been applied (vouchers-campaigns and promotions). Once the payment has been made, it is not possible to change the transport service.

  • The Customer agrees that he/she or another designated person will be at the address indicated to receive the package. In the event of not being present on the first occasion, the carrier will try one more time. If they are still unable to deliver the order, it will be returned to us, with the subsequent reimbursement to the Customer of the payment made minus the delivery costs of the Product which will be borne by the Customer, as well as of the second delivery, if applicable.

  • In all cases, the delivery will be made within 5 days from the date of the contract being made.

  • The risk of the products will be passed to the Customer at the time they take material possession of the Product.

  • The Customer will take ownership of the Products when Salouki receives full payment of the order made.

  • The cost of customs fees will oversee the client, since there are taxes from the country of receipt and these costs are not linked to our sales service.





  • All the Products offered by Salouki have the legally required guarantee. If any of the Products contain a manufacturing defect, we agree to replace them with a new one or make the relevant payment within a time period of (14) days from the delivery of the Product, all of the Product return costs and sending of the new Product or the same product once repaired are borne by Salouki.

  • Unless proved to the contrary, the delivery is understood to be completed on the day stated on the invoice or the delivery note if this was later.

  • For the guarantee to be effective, proof of purchase must be presented within the legally established time frame.

  • The consumer must inform us of the non-conformity of the Product within 3 days of being aware of it through an email or by contacting us on the telephone number provided in the Identification Details section of these General Conditions.

  • There is conformity of the products with the contract and therefore, Salouki will not be responsible for non-conformities when the Products included on the Website:

  1. Comply with the description given by the seller and possess the qualities of the Product that the seller has presented.

  2. Are fit for purpose for which Products of the same type would ordinarily be used.

  3. Are fit for any particular purpose required by the consumer and user of which the seller was made known at the time the contract was made.

  4. Show the quality and performance which are normal in Products of the same type that the consumer and user may reasonably expect, in view of the nature of the Product.

  • Likewise, Salouki will not be liable for non-conformities that the Customer knew about or could not have ignored at the time of the contract being made.

  • The Customer is entitled to request the repair of the Product, its substitution, the reduction in price or the termination of the contract if the Product does not conform with the contract. The repair and substitution will be free to the Customer, this includes the delivery costs and the costs related to labour and materials. In the event the Customer exercises their right to repair or substitution, Salouki will issue a receipt with the delivery date and the non-conformity that has caused this right to be exercised. The refund or substitution of the Product will take place as soon as possible and certainly within 14 days of the date on which Salouki contacts the Customer to confirm the refund or substitution of the non-conforming Product will go ahead.

  • The reduction in price will be proportional to the difference between the value that the Product would have had at the time of delivery. The Customer is not entitled to substitution in the case of non-consumable Products.

  • The guarantee does not include products damaged due to negligence, being knocked, improper handling or use, incorrect voltage, electrical accidents, installation and/or use which does not conform with the instructions for use or not carried out by the authorized service technician where applicable, or perishable Products, suffering wear and tear as part of their normal use or consumption. Likewise, Salouki will not be liable for non-conformities that the User knew about or could not have ignored at the time the contract was made.


  • The guarantee excludes:


  1. Those Products which have been modified or repaired by the Customer or by any person other than the supplier or manufacturer.

  2. If the information on the guarantee of the Product or the proof of purchase has been modified or altered.

  3. Food products, drinks, cleaning and personal hygiene.

  4. Goods that may deteriorate or expire quickly.

  5. Any other item if the Customer does not have proof of purchase.








  • All opinions written by Customers are monitored by the marketing team. If the opinions received infringe, or may infringe, the law, ethics or morals (abusive publicity, defamation, insults, comments not related to the context.), Salouki reserves the right to reject or remove these opinions.



  • The company guarantees to the users of the website that it complies with the Organic Law on Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights, and that it has established the security measures required by laws and regulations aimed at preserving secrecy, confidentiality and integrity in the treatment of your personal data.

  • Said personal data will be used in the manner and with the limitations and rights granted by the protection of personal data.

  • The collection and processing of the requested personal data has as its Purpose: client service, both administrative and commercial. Legitimation: The legal basis for the processing of your personal data is the consent you give by accepting this Privacy Policy before sending / providing us with your data. Recipients: your data will not be communicated to any third party unless you are expressly informed or there is a legal obligation. Salouki undertakes to keep the maximum reserve, secrecy, and confidentiality about the information of the personal data that it has at its disposal. Duration: Your data will be kept for the minimum time necessary to satisfy the purpose for which you provided it, as well as to meet the responsibilities that may arise from the data provided and from any other legal requirement. Rights: The interested party is the holder of the rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation, and opposition to the processing of their personal data, as well as the right to the portability of them. Likewise, at any time the interested party may withdraw the consent given without this affecting the legality of the treatment, as well as the possibility of going before the competent control authority.



  • “Salouki family”, “is trademarks registered by the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, and consequently, any use of said trademarks or any similar identifying design that may cause confusion to third parties regarding its origin or owner is prohibited without express prior authorization.

  • The Website are domains registered by Salouki. Furthermore, the Intellectual Property rights relating to software or content of the Website belong to Salouki or its licensors.

  • Consequently, the full or part reproduction of the Website is expressly prohibited.  It is not permitted to publish, manipulate, or distribute content from the Website without express authorization from Salouki or the lawful owner, where applicable.



  • These General Conditions and any other question regarding their interpretation, compliance or non-compliance are governed by Saudi Arabia Law, without prejudice to the application of Community regulations and international treaties, where applicable.

  • The contracts established between Salouki and the Users and/or Customer will be deemed to be established in the place in which the User and/or Customer has their habitual residence, and therefore the courts of this place will resolve any conflict that may arise between the parties, without prejudice to the Community regulations and international treaties, where applicable.





  • All promotions and vouchers are valid for one month if the promotion does not specify otherwise.

  • Promotions in the form of discount vouchers, will always be applied only and exclusively to the value of the Product (without VAT), never to the delivery costs.

  • Promotions in the form of discount vouchers will always have a minimum value which, if it is not specified, will be 10% for all promotions.

  • Salouki reserves the right to cancel a promotion to any person who makes improper use of said promotion, or who acquires numerous units of the promotion using different identities.

  • Only one discount voucher may be used per purchase. The vouchers cannot be combined with other promotions such as offers, sales prices or other promotional campaigns.

  • Once the order has been paid for it is not possible to add, remove, or modify the vouchers.





  • If you wish to talk to our Aftersales Service and Customer Services, you can send us a message using the Contact Form in the “Contact” section of the Website.

  • Likewise, you can lodge complaints using our contact details in these General Conditions.