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Picture of Versele Laga Oropharma No-Pick
Picture of Versele Laga Prestige Shell Sand Kristal

Versele Laga Prestige Shell Sand Kristal

White shell sand with aniseed. sterilized at high temperature Refreshing scent. does not make dust and is environmentally friendly
SAR 20.70
Picture of Versele-Laga Oropharma Muta-Vit
Picture of Versele-Laga Oropharma Omni-Vit
Picture of Anti Plucking Spray

Anti Plucking Spray

Papick Spray is an approved remedy to help prevent feather plucking by parrots, large parakeets and other tropical- and song-birds. The action is based on bitter substances that are harmless to man and animal
SAR 55.20
Picture of Water and Feeder Pipe

Water and Feeder Pipe

• made of plastic • for cages with horizontal bars • in assorted colours
SAR 17.25
Picture of Bird Play Area

Bird Play Area

SAR 95.45
Picture of Bird Ladder

Bird Ladder

SAR 25.30
Picture of Playing Swing

Playing Swing

SAR 26.45
Picture of Cotton Rope Perch

Cotton Rope Perch

SAR 24.15
Picture of Bird Play Ring

Bird Play Ring

SAR 25.30
Picture of Bird Ladder

Bird Ladder

SAR 18.40
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