About us

Who we are?

Salouki is an online pet store, working to be one of the largest online pet stores in middle east. Working with elite hard workers to deliver a professional behavior in both the business & the operations. As a Certified Saudi Company, we are focusing in working with our partners to have a full solid e-commerce cycle supported with flexible and scalable back-end.


What we do

We love animals of each breed and color. We want to pass on this passion and love through the net, offering to our client’s unbeatable prices in a place where web surfing is easy, and where everything has been specially design for user comfort.

We want to make the shopping time of your loyal friend to be easier, quicker and more efficient, so you can use your time to be with your pet. 

We want you to save money, so you can spend it on whatever you like.


Building the future

We strive to have a positive impact on customers, the economy, and communities. Saloukers are smart, passionate builders with different backgrounds and goals, who share a common desire to always be learning and inventing on behalf of our customers.


Our Heritage

Every day, we go to work hoping to do two things: Share great talk with our friends and help make the world better.


Salouki Core Values

1. We are a Team

In Salouki we work like one collective collaborating with each other. We know that together we are - more creative, smarter, more innovative, more prepared, and more motivated. Let´s show how positive and happy we are every day.

Every idea is getting noticed and most of the time even tested. Whether from the mouth of a customer, a supplier, a friend, or neighbor we care about every opinion.


2. We are learning every day

Our motivation is to learn and grow. To feel proud of our achievements. Therefore, we aim to achieve something more every day. Every day we are seeking for new challenges and new solutions that would help us to grow bigger and stronger.


3. We are fair

We are fair and square. We want to have a good relationship with customers, employees, suppliers and everybody involved in Salouki not only today but also tomorrow and after. It helps us to understand each other and find solution in every situation.


4. We value our customers

A customer plays great role in our success. They are everything for us. We are always trying to keep in touch with them. Moreover, we want to know what they want, think, and need. For us it is important to know what they expect from us. We care about their feedback and always want to know how we can live up to their expectations.